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Arab Girl Pod

Welcome to Arab Girl Pod, a popular choice for listeners that are curious about others that have broken out of cultural norms.
My name is Rasha Mediene and I am an Arab Girl with my own story, but I host this podcast to show that I am not alone. Here I allow the world to hear how others have broken out of their cultural norms and the journey that it came with.
Where you are from doesn’t matter. It’s where you’re going that counts. 
Tune in to Arab Girl Pod and start discovering all that we have to offer.

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We only have a handful of hours each day for entertainment, by choosing Arab Girl Pod, you will immediately be exposed to the real life situations people go through on a daily basis, from all over the world!


Muslim Trans 
Female to Male

Jo shares what it was like growing up, in a muslim community, knowing she liked girls since she was 3! He is now 28 years old with a very interesting story. Tune in to hear how she handled it, society handled it & how the family handled it.


To Hijab or Not To Hijab?

Hiba Hamed, of Windsor, Ontario, shares with us how she feels and what it's like as a Hijabi in the Western Society. There are many challenges that she faces that many if us can probably relate to.


Struggles of a LGBTQ

Nadine Hakim, Psychology Major, lets us know what the struggles are with being apart of the LGBTQ as a Muslim in Dearborn, Michigan. Being is such a highly populated Middle Eastern culture, things can be tricky.

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Retro Microphone
Black muslim man.jpg

Black Lebanese Man
Dearborn, Michigan

In this episode I get a chance to speak with Jamal Agemy on what it's like living as a Black Lebanese man in a 94% Middle Eastern Community in America.


The Birds & The Bees
with Diana

Muslim Arab Girl
Chaldean Arab Girl

Diana puts her two cents in about what it’s like growing up without properly learning about the birds & the bees. Is this normal behaviour for a Middle Eastern household?


Priscilla Hanna, a Chaldean Arab-American, comes on Arab Girl Pod and shows us how much Muslim girls have in common with Catholic girls.

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